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We support young people and their educational opportunities in Togo and connect people from Germany and Togo with social and cultural initiatives. We are a non-profit association based in Cologne and work exclusively on a voluntary basis.




A joint time as a three-week internship in Togo in March 2018 was supported by the Lernwerkstatt Lehrerbildung Uni Siegen and our association.


18 students from Germany together with ten students/ high school graduates from Togo experienced together country, people and culture, went on excursions together and designed creative workshops at schools in Togo. 


They were accompanied by the entire KTGW board and by our coordinators on site in Togo.


If everything goes well, the Lernwerkstatt Uni Siegen will initiate a new exchange with KTGW.




With enthusiasm, many students in Togo learned about Völkerball (Dogdeball)and played it in August 2018.Völkerball for better internatianal understanding!


At the three workshops in Aneho, 

Kpalimé and Lomé, we met highly motivated students and teachers who now want to take Völkerball/ dodgeball further into their country.


In the meantime it has become a sport of the German clubs. With small donations in kind, we support tournaments between the schools. 



 donations for little Pormise Ayawa arrived her!

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Donation account

Postbank IBAN DE89 4401 0046 0998 9694 63

Support the StartUps

 "Streetfood 2Go".

Braving Coivd-19 are our 8 apprentices who have just graduated in gastronomy and hotel business.

Congratulations to all of them!

With no prospect of employment, they are taking their destiny into their own hands.

One group close to Aného is already producing the popular coconut oil.

The other group is setting up a mobile service with Togolese specialties and will offer it in various neighborhoods of Lomé.


With your help it will succeed!



are active in our nationwide training project, from Lomé to Dapaong, closely accompanied and supported by our local supervisors and regular visits by our chairman. Some of them have already graduated. 

help alliance.jpg

Thanks to the partnership with 

help alliance

this training project has become possible for us!

All of our apprentices prepare with great commitment for jobs in technical professions such as carpentry and construction, metalworking, mechanical/electrical engineering and electronics/ computer science, in accounting and hotel management and tourism, in home economics/ catering, in haute couture and hairdressing, in medical assistance and agriculture.

Kampagne Sensibilisation in Schulklasse


Young people in the schools lacked understanding against Covid19 of hygiene such as washing hands and wearing masks. Our trainees brought it to them- in 16 schools around Aného.

Press and radio followed the campaign to spread it through their media as well.

First Days of January 2021 dispite Covid19



with the new construction of an 

international and multidisciplinairy training Center

in Dévikinme

Bohrungen Januar 2021.jpg

Together with the architects, our chairman walks the property. The next day, the civil engineers started drilling for the soil samples. Thanks to a first grant from help alliance, we can start!

January, February and December 2020


Benjamin as a carpenter and Ayité as a secretary and accountant have made it! They successfully completed their training. Two other young women, Ranietou and Anatou from our training project in Atakpamé were also able to celebrate their graduation as secretaries/accountants.

And at the end of 2020, the apprentices from the catering and hotel industry. We will continue to accompany them in the transition to their professions.

Abschlussfeier Azubi Buchhaltung.jpg
Abschluss Schreiner Benjamin.jpg
Interview zur Kampagne Radio RTDS Juni 2
00:00 / 07:43


Hygiene Kits (Kit d'hygiène)!

Instead of doing nothing at home in the first lockdown, our trainee tailors sewed mouth-nose protection masks like mad, other trainees bought soaps, handkerchiefs and bags, other trainees assembled the kits in our association office. They went out into their neighborhoods to promote hygiene.

Not easy, but they did it! Also to comply with the regulations such as keeping a distance, wearing a mouth guard, etc.

faltbare Einkaufsbeutel aus Togo.jpg


 and more 

In the fall of 2019 we were able to sell some products of our traineeslike lemongrass tea at a Christmas bazaar in Cologne.The proceeds benefited our association.

In 2020 the bazaar had to be cancelled due to Covid19. Our budding seamstresses had sewn many colorful bags, which are now not only available in Togo, but also with us on request.

Azubis Gastronomie_ Hotellerie von Ancil