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SINCE 2018

We currently support 55 trainees in various fields, spread all over Togo.

For the future, we are planning an interdisciplinary training centre for this purpose.

A German-Togolese family provides our association kommTOGOgehweiter e.V. with a piece of land in Dévikimme, which will be used for innovative projects for young people. Our association would like to give an impulse there to enable destitute young adults in Togo to have better job opportunities in Togo through basic training, further training and smaller modules of additional qualifications and to bind them more to their country. The training centre will 

an international and interdisciplinary centre with modern standards.


German clubs exist in some grammar schools. In the meantime, on our initiative, there is an increasing cooperation of schools that invite each other to cultural days. The German language is in the foreground and through lectures of poems, sketches, songs as well as competitions, the pupils outdo each other in terms of language development. Exercise is not neglected in the form of sports tournaments, and for a year now there has also been a growing interest in dodgeball. To make this possible, the German clubs regularly receive small grants from us.



In 2010 the renovation of the primary school Kutschenritter in Aného was due. The headmaster asked us for help. We organized with a group of our association not only money, but also a humanitarian holiday to Togo (of course privately financed by all of us). For one week we worked energetically together. Togolese and Germans dragged, cleaned, built and gave the school a new coat of paint. In addition:

1. the sanitary facilities were renovated and equipped with running water.

2. three classrooms were renovated and partly equipped with school benches and tables.

3. missing gates and doors of the entrances to the school grounds were replaced.


Starting with a sponsored run at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium (Gugy) in Bergheim near Cologne, various projects were realized at the Lycée de Zébévi (Lyza) in Aného/Togo.

To this day there is a lively exchange between Lyza and our association. Through our partnership, more than half of all Lyza students are now motivated to learn German. More than 500 of about 1000 students.


On the initiative of our association 19 very interested students of the University of Siegen and Freiburg started a new project together with the Lernwerkstatt Uni Siegen in Februrary-March 2018.

Together with students of the University of Lomé they got to know the country, people and culture of Togo. Side by side with 10 students of the same and other faculties of the University of Lomé, the majority of whom also spoke German, they spent a three-week internship in Togo. During the last week they conducted independent creative workshops at different schools.



More and more often some have to drop out of school because they can no longer pay the school fees. For various reasons, be it because parents have lost their jobs, cannot afford school fees due to illness or accidents, or parents have died. In some cases the students try to finance their school fees themselves by working in the market one day a week. But then they are absent from class. Meanwhile we could pay the school fees for more than 300 students, so that they could get their A-levels.



sSINCE 2018

If we in Germany ask younger or elder people about dodgeball, everyone can say something about it.

Now, little by little, many children and young people in Togo also know dodgeball. In 2018 we brought the Völkerball mission to Togo on the initiative of a man from Cologne. At various schools in cooperation with the German clubs, we played eagerly. Thanks to donations in kind from the Erima company and small grants for the sporting meetings through us, there are now intensive dodgeball activities. We were able to get an idea of this at a tournament of three schools in Lomé in July. Boys and girls showed us how they were able to organize an already professional tournament together, supported by sports and German teachers.


In Nippes, part of Cologne, from 09.06. to 24.06.2006 .

On the initiative of "kommTOGOgehweiter e.V." in cooperation with the Cultural Office of Cologne and the Citizen centre Nippes, the official World Cup fan camp of the Togolese national team was held.

It was called the "TOGOHAUS". The aim of the charity event was to make Togo better known locally and to "warm up" many citizens for later projects of our association.