We are a small group of people from Germany, France and Togo. Our organisation was founded back in 2006 when Togo qualified for the world cup and only a little amount of people knew where Togo is located. Togo is a very thin and long country alongside the gulf of Guinea. 


Today around 6 Million people from 40 different ethnic groups live in Togo. The average age of Togo's citizens is 15 years - a very young age.



There is no future without young people - no matter where in the world. By exchanging knowledge and wisdom, our young people can shape the world of tomorrow - even in Africa.


Young people are crucial for constant development and growth.


From 1884 until world war 1, Togo served as a protective area to the Germans. Today Togo is still a very welcoming country, appreciating people from Germany all different cultural backgrounds as visitors. If you would like to find out more about Togo's history, please visit the website of the Auswärtiges Amt.

Our biggest concern is to create rapport between young people from here in Germany and young people from Togo through direct contacts and personal experiences in order to learn from each other. We want to make ourselves strong for that. Regardless of politics and bureaucracy, we help Togo to help itself at the humanitarian level.


One example is our exchange of students from Germany with students in Togo as a 3-week internship in March 2018.


Above all, our current project on training and education centers is linked to our ambitious goal of promoting medium-sized companies as a foundation for a functioning society and economy. There are so many talents of young people untapped broke. We want to help them develop - so that they can advance their own country with solid and innovative work.


Our association focuses on investing in young people. Through close contact, through regular exchange, through financial support, individually, when we realize that great motivation and talent exist.

Wir setzen auf die UN- Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung.



Chairman: Blaise-Pascal d'Almeida, Deputy Chairperson: Oliver Arnold

Secretary:  Dr. Britta Schmitz, Treasurer: Ursula d'Almeida-Deupmann

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